Meeting Minutes from 35th Annual Training Seminar

Attached are the transcript of the open forum and the meeting minutes from the executive council meeting and the annual business meeting.

2013 PTRCA Election Results

New officers were announced at the 2013 Annual Business Meeting on Thursday April 18th:

Vice-President/President-Elect (3 year commitment): Spruce Fraser
Secretary (1-year commitment): Suzanne Reinman
Academic Divisional Representative (2-year commitment): Connie Wu
Public Divisional Representative (2-year commitment): Mary Kordyban

Updated Membership Form Now Available

The updated membership form reflecting our new dues structure has been added to the site. See Membership Dues are $50 per year (2012/13) and will rise to $65 per year starting with 2014/15. Currently-enrolled library school students are eligible for affiliate membership at a reduced rate of $10. Membership in PTRCA does not imply an invitation to attend the PTRCP Annual Training Seminar. Membership Dues pay for certain Seminar expenses, publication of the PTRCA Newsletter, maintenance and upgrades to the PTRCA.ORG website, gifts, stationery, and other operating budget needs. Membership runs from the last day of the current seminar to the last day of the next year’s event). Only individual memberships are permitted; there is no provision for institutional or group membership. If you have questions regarding your membership status, please direct them to Jim Miller, PTRCA Treasurer, at

2013 Annual Patent and Trademark Resource Centers Training Seminar

The 35th Annual Patent and Trademark Resource Centers Training Seminar will be held Monday April 15, 2013 through Thursday April 18, 2013 at the USPTO’s Main Campus in Alexandria, Virginia.   Mark your calendars and take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to take part in the 35th year of intellectual property training and networking.

It is not too early to start working with your supervisors and administrators to ensure that your PTRC training is included in your library’s budget for next year. 


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