Committees 2011-2012

Archives Committee

Bylaws Committee
Charge: Review the PTDLA bylaws and recommend language for updates; coordinate with the PTDLA webmaster to ensure that the most recent bylaws are on the website.
Tom Melvin, Newark, DE (Chair)
Bob Klein, Miami, FL
Michael Strickland, Little Rock, Arkansas

Conference Committee
Charge: Help with PTDLA-sponsored speakers, receptions and roundtables.
Jan Comfort, Clemson, South Carolina (Chair)
Michael Strickland, Little Rock, Arkansas
Paulina Borrego, Amherst, Massachesetts

Database Committee
Mike White, Kingston, Ontario
Dave Morrison, Salt Lake City, Utah

Election Committee
Charge: Run the Election for Officers and Regional Representatives; includes call for nominations, recruiting candidates, and running the electronic election.
Leena Lalwani, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Chair)
Hal Mendelsohn, Orlando, Florida
Michael Strickland, Little Rock, Arkansas
Charlotte Erdmann, West Lafayette, Indiana
Ran Raider, Dayton, Ohio

Long Range Planning Committee
Charge: Review the Mission Statement and develop a strategic plan for the PTDLA.
Virginia Baldwin, Lincoln, NE (Chair)
Karen Kitchens, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Jan Comfort, Clemson, South Carolina

Mentoring Committee
Charge: Coordinate the matching of new members with either their regional representative or a seasoned PTDLA veteran to ensure that they feel welcome and informed.
Walt Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Chair)
Connie Wu, Piscataway, New Jersey
Linda Spiro, Houston, Texas
Nedelina Tchangalova, College Park, Maryland

Program Committee
Charge: Plan programs presented by PTDLA members at other conferences, such as ALA, SLA, etc.
Paulina Borrego, Amherst, Massachesetts

Promotion and Outreach Committee
Charge: To be determined by the committee. Possible tasks: to create a handout for the PTDLA website that summarizes best practices; serve as resource people to advise PTDLs on promotion issues.

Publications Committee
Suzanne Reinman, Stillwater, OK (Chair)
Esther Crawford, Houston, TX
Mary Kordyban, Detroit, Michigan
John Meier, University Park, Pennsylvania
Monique Mason, Akron, Ohio
Martin Wallace, Orono, ME